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Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - August 29th, 2008

Now I really do like this place and all, and I'm being hypocritical because in my last blog I was mentioning the artists who decide to leave are just continuing to expand the levels of negativity...But, there just comes in a time your life when you have to get up and make a move. In fact, it's just a natural process that will take place within every one of us. I'm only a human being. So I'm sorry to say, I'm leaving Newgrounds to go use the restroom for a few minutes. be back in a few.


k, back.

I'm (most likely) not going to use this account anymore for anything major...I'm switching over to www.s3c.newgrounds.com.

-That name is way cooler and easier to remember
-I have more music there, lots of more variety
-A few of my songs got used in Paranoia's game "Inquisitive Dave", so, might as well submit some of my works there too

the main reason i made that account was to upload WIPs, old side and unfinished projects (some very shitty and remiscent of my FL noob days, even though i'm still a bit of a noob in areas)...i didnt want to upload on this account, have one of those lower grade tracks as my most recent, and then someone listens to it thinks it's sucks and never views my page again. i hate putting out music that I dont feel is finished, which is 99% of the time because I'm picky and cant get everything close enough to my liking. some of them are just unmixed, and sometimes i cant bother changing up the dynamics as much as i should. but really, theres no shame in being inconsistent and mixing up the good with the bad. this is just an amateur site, not a prestigious showcase of quality music. if you browse through my work I thank you tremendously.

so if you're reading this- I'm going to use my alt (www.s3c.newgrounds.com) as my new main. I'll still periodically check this account but all my new blogs, music, reviews, and whatnot will be written there. Just FYI.

So it'd be really kind of you if you check out some of my audio there. Much appreciated.

I'm leaving Newgrounds

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - August 5th, 2008

I've gotten annoyed by all the complaining on the NG AP, not just the zero bombing rants, but people leaving, and the people that think there is a right way to write music, and the people who think they know what classifies as music and what doesn't. and many feel that CRAP and what is WHORED only gets recognition and praise. A possible counter to that is to just say "No, what you like, doesn't get recognition. What YOU THINK is good doesn't get recognition".

Several audio artists have left NG/stopped uploading audio (just a cry for attention, they will be back eventually as long as they aren't signed, still have fans, and have access to the internet) recently. I only have respect for those that are leaving due to RL issues and can't find the time ATM. Those that are leaving due to problems with zero-bombing /disliking the score system/ feeling that this site is corrupt- you are only contributing to the negativity, nothing less. There is one more audio artist (DJ Immune) that is leaving for a respectable reason, because there is "more complaints than compliments".

Plus, go ahead and leave. Newgrounds is one of the best (ask me why) large scale sites for audio uploading and feedback- especially if you are a newbie or you have a style aside from what would appeal in mainstream music. This site offers lots of opportunities (which you may have to just look for) for both beginners and experts alike. And I will gladly explain in detail if requested.

I was reading over some reviews written by others, and a response that I saw by Swirly Helix to his song Rabbit Helix is a great conclusive quote to end these type of rants that I have been looking for. Now while it may be obvious to some, (and I have said this in different ways many times) my above message shows why it is not with all. Now it would be boring if we all operated like robots with the same viewpoints, and it would be boring if we all said, "this is artistic in some sense whether or not I agree, 10/10 great job". I encourage you to share your honest opinions with others. But before thinking negatively again, keep this in mind:

"The beauty of music is not written, it is interpreted"

You could apply that to any type of art.

Now apply that to anything in the world too.

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - July 8th, 2008

Okay, I've never seen this done before, so I did some research and this is what I have come up...do contribute if you know any of the unknown spots.

List is 68% complete

1-3. ???
4.GS-Screamer - Rock'n Temple || Zelda2
6. Waterflame - Space Pirates
7. Gorebastard - Big Blue Metalized!
8. Tatsu-Takashi -TT- In your Face (lulz it's stolen too)
9. cornandbeans - {Rose}
10-11. ???
12. Metaljonus - Soundscape Skies Metaljonus
13. Metalcan - Desert Rose
14-15. ???
16. FlameMesial - F-Zero X - Silence
17. Metaljonus - Metaljonus-War
18. ???
19. deckheadhottie - Eat a Knob at Night
20. Soundshifter - Super Mario World ROCK!
21. ParagonX9 - Chaoz Devotion
22. ???
23. cornandbeans - Lazy Summer Days
24. Dimrain47 - Twilight Techno
25. ParagonX9 - Defcon Zero
26. Southwest-Statistic - This Way DEMO
27.Goukisan - Guitar vs Piano 1.2
28. DarthJB2 - The Legend of Zelda -Rockin'!
29. cornandbeans - Harry Potter Techno Remix
30. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Defection
31. Evil-Dog - Evil-Dog -TheQuestOfYourLife
32. House Masta - Tetris on Speed
33. Dimrain47 - Revolutions
34. EON - Euphorium
35. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan
36. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Chaoz Survivor
37-38. ???
39. Dimrain47 - The Final Hour
40. Dimrain47 - Fprsaken Neon
41. B0UNC3 - B0UNC3 - Paradise on E [Final?]
42. Dimrain47 - The Prototype
43. Evil-Dog - Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 1
44. GardenStateDamien - Truth or Dare
45. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - No. 5(NG Edit)
46. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy
47. ???
48. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Polar 240
49. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Zelda WW -Protect Your Island
50. ParagonX9 - The Matrix DNB
51. ???
52. ParagonX9 - Immortality
53-55. ???
56. Dimrain47 - Frozen in Black and Silver
57. ParagonX9 - Double Damage
58. ParagonX9 - Blue Sky
59. ???
60. ParagonX9 - Close Combat
61. ParagonX9 - Equalized
62. ???
63. Dimrain47 - Surface
64. Dimrain47 - In Dream
65-66. ???
67. NESkimos - Big Blue (F-Zero)
68. ???
69. Dimrain47 - A Question of Fate...
70. Nostrap - [[=Please Intro=]]
71-72. ???
73. ParagonX9 - Final Fight
74. ParagonX9 - Poison
75. ParagonX9 - Danger Ahead
76. ???
77. ParagonX9 - SM64 - The Alternate Route
78. ???
79. ParagonX9 - Airbass
80. Ravicious - Run'n'Gun
81. ParagonX9 - ParagonX9 - Neutralized
82-83. ???
84. Dimrain47 - Infernoplex
85. ???
86. Dimrain47 - Midnight Seige
87. ParagonX9 - The Final Day
88. SWITCH - Broked It
89. ???
90. ParagonX9 - Sonic 3 - Bossbattle (RMX)
91. ParagonX9 - Zero Gravity
92. ParagonX9 - Danger Ahead 3
93. Dimrain47 - Through the Gates (Abbv.)
94. House Masta - Sonic The Hedgehog Dirty Remix
95. SaintIsiah - The Spirits Within
96. Envy - ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix)

97. ???
98. RageVI - Nightfall
99. ???
100. DavidKracht - Vexeta

Will make the list eventually:
::n1k:: Pi@n0s - he has 200,000+
downloads (meaning in top 3 most downloaded, LOL!, but only 14 votes lol.

Random Stats

Numbers might be slightly inaccurate, but you get a general idea of what type of songs have been
downloaded the most.

Video Game-15
Drum and Bass-11
Heavy Metal-5
General Rock-5

Number of Stolen Tracks: 1

Number of tracks that are obviously mostly or entirely made with FL presets, stock samples, or
General Midi: 18

*28 different artists made the top 100 list from what I have compiled so far, with the rankings

1. ParagonX9 (25 tracks)
2. Dimrain47 (12 tracks)
3. cornandbeans (3 tracks)
4. Metaljonus, Evil Dog, Gorebastard, HouseMasta (2 Tracks)
5. GS Screamer, Waterflame, Tatsu-Takahasi, Metalcan, FlameMesial, deckheadhottie, Soundshifter,
Southwest-Statistic, Goukisan, DarthJB2, EON, BOUNC3, GardenStateDamien, NESkimos, Ravicious,
Nostrap, SWITCH, SaintIsiah, Envy, RageVI, DavidKracht (1 track)

*11 of these listed tracks were featured in "SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2".

Thought I'd post it in my blog too in case the topic gets locked. I'll revise this list in six months and see what the audio rankings look like then!

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - June 11th, 2008

Hello chaps, haven't written a blog in some time so I decided to type up what's going for those that care *crickets*

First off, for those that care *crickets again* I have been experimenting in different styles and been posting under an alt account. If you have the time, do check some of my other crap out at www.s3c.newgrounds.com. Some of the stuff is old FL preset business and unfinished projects, but I decided not to load up all of my crap because there is just too much of it. anyways, experimenting with a lot of different styles and trying to fuse different elements together.

Also, I'm doing a featured artist of the week every Wednesday at 12 AM, please check those artists out and comment on their music.

Probably won't be posting anything under this account for some time, I'm trying to refine my mixing skills, which are quite poor in my understanding department, while also learning how to compose with different methods and learn how to read music, instead of just using my ear. I know a good amount of theory, but never really conscientiously use it. If I learned how to read sheet music fluently, I would have a much better time understanding how stuff works- because let's face it, while not absolutely necessary notation is a universal language and its helpful to learn if you want to get serious. Unless if you're just producing trance music. I also don't play any instruments, dabble with the guitar a bit but I suck. I have never had the discipline to learn a full song. The only thing I can play are certain overused pentatonic licks and other shit that is pre-programmed into the natural patterns of my fingers. If you learn other's people's music, you will be able to break these patterns and be able to develop better ideas from just a playing standpoint. So I have been taken two piano lessons for about a week now, I practice a lot and so far they are going along nicely (watch that vid, its freakin hilarious) - and even though I can move my fingers across the keyboard briskly, I have trouble playing the simplest songs such as Jinglebells without making an error- just because I have never put the time into learning a full song. Maybe its just a personal problem I have. But I truly believe that everyone should take up and instrument. I don't mean this an insult or to take away from anyone who makes music digitally. But programming and composing music takes knowledge and patience. Playing an instrument takes knowledge and patience, and skill . I always feel like I'm kind of cheating by being able to put life into a song without actually performing any of it. Besides, everyone should learn how to interact with a midi keyboard or whatnot, it's a very important skill. Plus, you'll have more genuine sounding dynamics in your track :P

So it kinda sucks that I have to start from the beginning when I've been creating more complex pieces over the course of almost two years. But that's just how she goes isn't it? Back to the basics, start from the drawing board and utilize all the time you have. So my advice to any possible novices that are reading this blog; learn how to read music, learn how to play others songs, learn theory, learn how to play an instrument, get a teacher to point out your flaws that you wouldn't otherwise recognize, and be patient and don't try to take any shortcuts. It will only benefit you in the future if you become serious or take it up as a more firing passion.

So anyway...there you have it....for those that care *even more crickets*....I guess I should pick one or two genres and stick with it, or I will remain mediocre in everything I do for the rest of my life :/

/* */

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - April 14th, 2008

Lately (as in the past few weeks) I haven't been writing as much reviews as I wanted and that's primarily because I seem to have the lost ability to write long indepth reviews, and most importantly, leave criticism. I just seem to be out of words. Normally I can easily elaborate on any type of song for 2-3 paragraphs. Now I struggle to get out more than a few sentences. I know a review is better than no review at all, and I personally appreciate all kinds of reviews, short or long, but for me its unacceptable. Its something I truly enjoy doing and its frustrating to be in this perpetual seeming type of writers block. It's happening in school too. I cant even finish a damn paper! For those that care (probably few) , well I'm sorry :( Hopefully I'll get out of this groove soon! and btw, not my birthday, just a nice pic to go along with the topic :(

What's wrong with me?

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - February 26th, 2008

I've been on the AP for about 10 months now, and I spend the majority of the time here listening to music and sometimes writing reviews. When pointing out and explaining potential flaws that I see in a track, I notice there is a common trend to what I (and possibly others) would change. By no means what I say is correct or always will be considered a flaw, nor do I want you to agree right off the bat. What you should do is when you create another project or go back to what you were working on, take each reviewer's critiques in mind, and if you apply what they say and think you have improved from their advice, then use those techniques. I'm also guilty of committing these "crimes"!

1. Lack of Reverb
I would probably say I've made a suggestion to use (more) reverb in more than half of my reviews. Obsessed with this effect I may be, but reverb can make an instrument/synth/sample that initially sounds cheap and lackluster in quality have that needed depth to produce a more vibrant, lush, and deep sound when used. IMO, it will instantly make your instrument just a touch more authentic, as it can sound like you're playing in a small room, arena, an open field, etc. I just think reverb is a necessity on making music have more imagery.

2. Using FPC/Stock Samples
Everyone that has used FL Studio at one point is guilty of using these. Not that what samples or synths you use are a bad thing, preset or not. There is a place for everything, and I've seen music where they've been utilized well when trying to convey a certain mood or sound. And this may depend on the listener, if you use Reason you may not be familiar with FL Studio's factory sounds, and vice versa. Fact is, the vast majority of newer artists that submit music to the AP start out with FL Studio, and of course will usually be aware of the internal samples that the program has provided. It's hard to find fault with them- but to the more experienced listeners, it will be tiring to hear the same shaped sound over and over again. The least you can do is resample, mess with the EQ settings to get a better personal shape- but furthermore you can look around on the web for samples, or better yet when you get more experience resample like I said or sample other tracks yourself (with of course giving credit).


Percussion Samples: (thanks to zodiak7)
http://files.filefront.com/synrgy+16bi t+Drum+Hits/;6821990;/fileinfo.html

Sample Resources:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/41 2168

www.Google.com (by typing in the type of kit/samples you're looking for, you'll be amazed at what you can find)

Give it a shot, you may like what you hear and you will have more original sounds to work with.

3. Clipping

This is another common, more objective error found with people who are newer to creating music, or are at least new to mixing their music. Clipping will usually dilute otherwise a good work as no one wants to hear a song fuzz or cause unwanted, sometimes painful volume "spikes". While I'm no mixer or audio engineer at all, this problem can simply be suppressed by putting a light compression effect on the instruments that are causing problems, and by using a soft limiter on the master channel to remove any other overly loud sounds that could seep in...I might not be entirely correct on how to use these; and of course there is a lot more to compression- but this all I know, and you should atleast take these quick steps to make your work sound more professional and clean.

More on compressors (tutorial by Rucklo):
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/71 8886

Another Tutorial (thanks MusicisBliss!)
http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.p hp?threadid=507671

4. Abrupt Endings
Doesn't happen that much actually, but it's done enough to be brought to attention. This is certainly the most subjective point in my blog, IMO. When I criticize for abrupt endings I usually am referring to an unresolving chord/note, a sudden finish without a good melodical and/or rhythmical phrasing to leadup into the conclusion, or notes that should be sustained longer to bring out the ending effect. This would be a situation where it doesn't hurt to know a little bit of music theory. For example if you're playing in the key of C, and generally are going with a happy/sad context, you're going to want to end on C or A usually or you will throw off the listener yearning to hear more. Of course there are modes and scale degrees; but importantly try to resolve to the tonality that you've established in your last passage. There is tons of theories and contexts that will go out of the bounds of this blog; but my point is just don't half ass your ending.

5. Equalization/Panning/Dynamics
This is perhaps quite an overlooked effect and like most aspects of music it can take a while to master. I know I personally suck it at it. But EQing is arguably the most important aspect of engineering music. It's also not all based in just using the effects to get the proper room spacing to get all of your instruments to have their own definitive sounds, but using the appropriate selection of samples that will blend more nicely. For example, you will want to EQ your bassline differently from your basskick so you can feel and hear both instead of just one drowning out the other. If you have a bassy, deep pad in the background then it may sound better if you use a kick with higher mids. There are ways to include everything, I wish I knew more to go into specifics. Just look around for tutorials on the web, and for a start- just pay attention to each individual channel, and make sure you can hear all your sounds adequately by adjusting different EQ levels until you can get closer to the sound you want.

As for panning, some artists don't take the time to do this. Unless you're waaaaay back from current technology, you own a set of stereo speakers or headphones. Take advantage of this; and don't let your music sound like one big mono. Primarily, you will want to set the bassier sounds in the center of the track, and place the mid to higher ranged instruments to the left and the right. Within drumsets, take advantage of the stereo and pan your hi hats and cymbals 60-80% to the left of the right, if you use toms and melodical percussion, an interesting usage of both speakers is start from the left speaker with the lower sounds and gradually move to the right as the higher notes come in. These are not rules, but just don't make each sound dead in the center. If you use both speakers effectively to space your music, your instruments will not be competing for attention.

Lastly, another overlooked step is ignoring to pay attention to changing the note velocities. This won't happen often with musicians who do live recordings with their instruments, acoustically or digitally through a midi controller, because dynamics will naturally come through playing your instrument and applying expression. This process is relatively tedious, and is one of the elements that is hard to perfect, separating the genuineness of actual and electronic instruments. You can start to remedy these problems with accenting your hi-hats at the start of every measure, your snares at the third beat of every third measure, crescendoing a timpani roll into an epic motif- again, these are not rules, and I don't traditionally know where accents are generally placed, but its important that you experiment. Take two bars of eight notes, and mess with the individual velocities, put emphasis on certain notes where you feel the need and see how it comes out. Most importantly, just experiment and just try to get a feel that sounds good.

Honorable Mention: Midi Sounds/Unsuitable Sytrus Presets

In the current age of digital music, this is completely unacceptable :). even if you are using just a simple notation or tablature program, there's plenty of available alternatives to achieve a better sound on your music- for free. Try downloading a program like FL studio or a program that can load vsts and soundfonts, if you haven't . Use these third party plugins instead of the synth presets that do not do a very good job of trying to emulate actual instruments. Just slap on some reverb for a start, and you're good to go!

Squidfont (Orchestra)

This is easily the best free soundfont that I've found. It includes the major orchestral sounds: violins, violas, cello, and contrabass strings with their bowing techniques: legato, detache, pizzicato, and tremolo, and the brass and woodwind section too with tubas, trombones, trumpets, flutes, piccolos, French horns, bassoons, clarinets, an oboes, each with the choice of being staccato or legato. It doesn't have layered or indepth libraries like you will find in East West's Symphonic Gold, but squidfont is 500$ cheaper and will still produce an authentic s sound, too. It also isn't 14 GBs.

For orchestral percussion, squidfont has a section, but you will want to download roland orchestral rhythm- which even has layered notes.

They both can be found on this page: http://www.soundfonts.darkesword.com/


Pick up a good choir sound while you're at it too.

Flobakks Male Choir (ahhs)

KBH Female Choir (organic sounding oohs and ahhs

Upgrade your GM Bank

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_M IDI_Level_2 if you don't know what I'm talking about

Even if you are stubborn and don't feel like leaving your midi sounds, there are soundfonts and .Vsts to upgrade to. I personally use Chaos Bank, but there are probably better alternatives if you search around.

And of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Search for a rare instrument that you like, and you might be surprised to find a soundfont or vst out there.


Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - February 5th, 2008

here's my second blog since I have written one in a while, for whom it may concern.

I have had this problem for which seems to be the entire time that I have been writing music. Its not exactly writers block (even though I do get it every now and then like everyone); as I usually can sit down, and with some level of ease write a few riffs on a guitar, or develop some ideas in FL and make a decent base out of them. But, out of the 500+ tracks/projects that I have created in the past year and a half since I started fiddling with FL (and this doesnt include my *shitty quality* guitar recordings), I've never made a long, full track that I feel is entirely finished. It sounds like a problem that can simply be solved through some, simple but laborious efforts and just an overall strive to finish. I can (and do) nitpick at other people's work, and give suggestions when necessary, regarding how I personally think they could potentially structure and sequence their work better. But when it comes to my own stuff, I'm lost. It's not like I make extremely complex compositions either (if you havent noticed) where I've created a maze impossible to escape. I know a fair amount of theory and can use some compositonal techniques to "hook", but it's easier said than done- and I would rather not sound formulaic. I usually can work a while and get a solid minute of consistent, flowing work, and then I'll start writing an idea for a different portion of the song some time, but I just cant put the pieces together. I may work on it a day or two later, but I can never get the piece finished the way I want, and it usually ends buried in my FL project folder, most likely to not be worked on again.

So I'd try developing an excercise that may serve as a possible remedy to my problem (and maybe this would help others, too).

I made it a goal to make a track that is going to be a generally simple piece, that will be atleast 64 bars in length, and the criteria is just to make it have a fitting intro, middle, and end. The main gist is that I have to completly compose the track progressively in order as I write it, no jumping between certain sections and going back to fill gaps. It doesn't matter how good or bad I think it is; don't worry about the mixing (or mastering), just get it done. Also, I'm going to use only 1 pattern-which means absolutely no use of the playlist. That *can* pry musicians in the production of making music that ends up sounding more generic and looped, and besides a lot of traditional composers dont use that type of method. I usually dont use a lot of patterns anyway, and when I started FL for the first few months I didnt know what the purpose of the playlist was. I'm not saying using the playlist will take away from your work- but it may be a solution if you're also having trouble writing transitions and connecting certain parts.

So I started doing this a week or so ago, and it started off relatively well- I started off with some subtle percussion and quiet bass strings, and then started making the percussion louder and adding some higher range melodies to it. I got 30 bars, but now I'm bored with it and dont feel like going back. My mindset was supposed to be like doing a homework assignment- I just follow the requirements and get a decent grade, or make something incomplete and fail. I don't want to continue because music or any type of art shouldn't be treated that way. But I know if I finish this project I will build my skills.

so theres my second rant...I was really trying to crank out a couple more tracks by the end of january, and start uploading on a more regular basis, even though there isnt many people listening to my work-but things like this take time and I'm happy for the attention I recieve now, and enjoy actively being a part of the AP at NG.

Please leave a comment :D

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - November 11th, 2007

This is my first blog post if you have not noticed....in response to iros industrial here.

I was originally going to post this under his personal column, but thought I would address this to anyone who happens to stumble across my page, and I also get a little off tangent. My blog is also not completely directed toward him.
Multiple critics (not targeting any group here) are labeling a lot of mainstream music or whatever instantly appears on MTV as complete crap without giving fair criticisms. You can't put a universal definition on what's good music or bad music. noise = sound waves. music = sound waves.

You can judge music on technicality...except being able to compose and/or perform complex and/or difficult music will not always equate to producing good music. (usually the simpler riffs are the more catchy ones)

With that said, 80-90% of modern mainstream music composed is based on simple melodies and catchy rhythms that usually are in a simple time signature and phrasing pattern emphasizing vocals and lyrics. It's attracted a wide fanbase throughout the world and millions enjoy it. Why stop marketing this type of music?

The only point I mostly agree with Iros Industrial on is #4(I don't necessarily disagree with the other three, they just need to be thought out more thoroughly). Producers are letting music get molded with visual depictions and personal which I think can damage having full creativity of your music. (Can you honestly say it's only been this way for the past 15 years though?) If you don't have the appearance or a concert- charismatic personality(which shouldn't have anything to do with music) then you're music probably won't get popular. This in a sense is destroying music-well maybe not exactly, it just might be a consolidation of two arts(and seeking more $$ needless to say). You also need to take the target audience in consideration as well. A crusty old musician will consider a Hillary Duff or Hannah Montana (sp) crap-which is fine, because their market is particularly 8-14 year old girls.

Many consider the vocal style of screaming crap. In his first point he says it's only good when its used "right?" How is the scream genre screaming right when a genre like Death Metal doesn't? screamo emphasizes the more emotional and poetic side of vocals, while death metal focuses more on primal, evil sounding feel to add onto a track. They add lots of intensity and power which you wouldn't be able to accomplish any other way in a vocal sense. You should never limit ways to express emotion.

#2 is again subjective (but hey we have the right to state our opinions). Basically he's saying that having a shitty vocalist will always result in shitty music. What about having a sloppy guitarist? A boring bassist? A dull drummer? Why exactly does the singer have to be the face and determinant of the group? Again saying someone is shitty is subjective(if you can hit pitches correctly and stay in key, and on time, then you don't suck). If you look around on newgrounds (comprised mostly of indie artists) you can usually extract negatives out of their stuff but you shouldn't stop listening to it because you here one element that you don't like. Here's a personal example of mine, in my opinion I think the vocalist of Dream Theater's style is annoying because it's too "epic" and high pitched for my taste, but I still love listening to the band for their amazing guitar, keyboard, drumming, and bass compositions that appeals to my ears. The drummer in White Stripes can be considered dull and repetitive for multiple reasons, but theyre still successful for their guitar and vocal work(in comparison, the guitarist/vocalist might not be famous if it wasn't for simple drum beats to back up his work)

Ahh #3....I HATE when people classify rap for being nothing more than people just talking about hos, rims, money...you need to delve more into the genre before you say that. Don't like rap/hip hop? Fine, but dont make rash generalizations based on what you've seen on TV.

He concludes his blog with saying he can't wait until the day when this "tasteless garbage" is gone. Our children and grandchildren may say the exact same thing towards the popular music of their age. If we kept limiting people to what they cannot produce, we'd still be singing dull gregorian chants that are older than Jesus. If it wasn't for the experiments of "tasteless garbage" from people before us, then there would be no metal, techno, hip hop, DnB, pop, jazz, etc., genres. There would be less variety. There would be less ways to compose and share yourself through music.

What I'm saying here could be completely wrong. But music nowadays is more driven by money and fame moreso then the actual desire to make something that genuinely sounds audibly pleasant to you. The entertainment world is based on its economy. I don't see any solution to this problem(depending on how you look at it) to this in the future so good luck not hearing "tasteless garbage" in mainstream media ten or twenty years down the road.

Still state why you think music is bad...if you're giving an insightful explanation behind it. Make sure to consider the context, purpose, and audience behind the piece. My point is, don't limit expression. Art doesn't have boundaries. Experiment, fuse, don't be afraid to be original, listen to different styles, learn and analyze, explore new worlds.

Please share your opinions and thoughts! I don't necessarily expect you to agree; but I atleast hope you can see where I'm coming from.

Later! Thanks for your patience if you read it all the way through :)