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I'm leaving Newgrounds

Posted by Suspended-3rd-Chord - August 29th, 2008

Now I really do like this place and all, and I'm being hypocritical because in my last blog I was mentioning the artists who decide to leave are just continuing to expand the levels of negativity...But, there just comes in a time your life when you have to get up and make a move. In fact, it's just a natural process that will take place within every one of us. I'm only a human being. So I'm sorry to say, I'm leaving Newgrounds to go use the restroom for a few minutes. be back in a few.


k, back.

I'm (most likely) not going to use this account anymore for anything major...I'm switching over to www.s3c.newgrounds.com.

-That name is way cooler and easier to remember
-I have more music there, lots of more variety
-A few of my songs got used in Paranoia's game "Inquisitive Dave", so, might as well submit some of my works there too

the main reason i made that account was to upload WIPs, old side and unfinished projects (some very shitty and remiscent of my FL noob days, even though i'm still a bit of a noob in areas)...i didnt want to upload on this account, have one of those lower grade tracks as my most recent, and then someone listens to it thinks it's sucks and never views my page again. i hate putting out music that I dont feel is finished, which is 99% of the time because I'm picky and cant get everything close enough to my liking. some of them are just unmixed, and sometimes i cant bother changing up the dynamics as much as i should. but really, theres no shame in being inconsistent and mixing up the good with the bad. this is just an amateur site, not a prestigious showcase of quality music. if you browse through my work I thank you tremendously.

so if you're reading this- I'm going to use my alt (www.s3c.newgrounds.com) as my new main. I'll still periodically check this account but all my new blogs, music, reviews, and whatnot will be written there. Just FYI.

So it'd be really kind of you if you check out some of my audio there. Much appreciated.

I'm leaving Newgrounds

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I'm also leaving Newgrounds. To check the mail. brb
Back. I also washed the dishes too. ;D

So you're leaving this account to be part of the three letter username club? But Suspended-3rd-Chord is like a proper name. I only use S3C as a nickname. Now what will your nickname be???

Oh wait, I should save these questions for the interview, I'm sure people would love to read a lot of stuff like this. =P



Haha, you really got me there! Although I was slightly confused about the other account because the latest news post isn't up to date.


lmao, that was different. Will from now on never visit this userpage again then, see you at s3c . . .