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gah...writing struggles

2008-02-05 03:13:09 by Suspended-3rd-Chord

here's my second blog since I have written one in a while, for whom it may concern.

I have had this problem for which seems to be the entire time that I have been writing music. Its not exactly writers block (even though I do get it every now and then like everyone); as I usually can sit down, and with some level of ease write a few riffs on a guitar, or develop some ideas in FL and make a decent base out of them. But, out of the 500+ tracks/projects that I have created in the past year and a half since I started fiddling with FL (and this doesnt include my *shitty quality* guitar recordings), I've never made a long, full track that I feel is entirely finished. It sounds like a problem that can simply be solved through some, simple but laborious efforts and just an overall strive to finish. I can (and do) nitpick at other people's work, and give suggestions when necessary, regarding how I personally think they could potentially structure and sequence their work better. But when it comes to my own stuff, I'm lost. It's not like I make extremely complex compositions either (if you havent noticed) where I've created a maze impossible to escape. I know a fair amount of theory and can use some compositonal techniques to "hook", but it's easier said than done- and I would rather not sound formulaic. I usually can work a while and get a solid minute of consistent, flowing work, and then I'll start writing an idea for a different portion of the song some time, but I just cant put the pieces together. I may work on it a day or two later, but I can never get the piece finished the way I want, and it usually ends buried in my FL project folder, most likely to not be worked on again.

So I'd try developing an excercise that may serve as a possible remedy to my problem (and maybe this would help others, too).

I made it a goal to make a track that is going to be a generally simple piece, that will be atleast 64 bars in length, and the criteria is just to make it have a fitting intro, middle, and end. The main gist is that I have to completly compose the track progressively in order as I write it, no jumping between certain sections and going back to fill gaps. It doesn't matter how good or bad I think it is; don't worry about the mixing (or mastering), just get it done. Also, I'm going to use only 1 pattern-which means absolutely no use of the playlist. That *can* pry musicians in the production of making music that ends up sounding more generic and looped, and besides a lot of traditional composers dont use that type of method. I usually dont use a lot of patterns anyway, and when I started FL for the first few months I didnt know what the purpose of the playlist was. I'm not saying using the playlist will take away from your work- but it may be a solution if you're also having trouble writing transitions and connecting certain parts.

So I started doing this a week or so ago, and it started off relatively well- I started off with some subtle percussion and quiet bass strings, and then started making the percussion louder and adding some higher range melodies to it. I got 30 bars, but now I'm bored with it and dont feel like going back. My mindset was supposed to be like doing a homework assignment- I just follow the requirements and get a decent grade, or make something incomplete and fail. I don't want to continue because music or any type of art shouldn't be treated that way. But I know if I finish this project I will build my skills.

so theres my second rant...I was really trying to crank out a couple more tracks by the end of january, and start uploading on a more regular basis, even though there isnt many people listening to my work-but things like this take time and I'm happy for the attention I recieve now, and enjoy actively being a part of the AP at NG.

Please leave a comment :D


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2008-02-19 12:53:54

Good luck with that! In all honesty I've never spent much time on any of the tracks I've created myself, most of which were composed by puzzling together different samples and sounding effects, I'm just not a very patient person. If I start somtehing I want to get it over with quickly. Many of them still turned out good though, but regardless, I keep thinking I should spend some inspiring day, isolated in my room, mixing together a masterpiece . . .

Good luck with that.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Hey thanks for the support man :D go for making a full piece ;)


2008-02-21 19:51:44


I kinda feel the same way, the hardest part of producing a song is getting it to flow from section to section. I'm doing a little practice at producing classical music, it's a much more flowing genre, you write in layers rather than sections if you know what I mean?

Also, good luck with the ctsg clip. :]

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks man :) . Yea I've been doing more classical parts- almost done with another classical styled track, but I keep getting sidetracked. probably won't ever get done.


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